Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is Candlemas?

The families of Greenwood Tree (GWT) represent the full spectrum of Waldorf-knowledge- and I am on the far end of the "very new to it" side.  I have an emotional draw to it but not much actual experience with it or information about it- yet.  However, I am learning.  Each time I go to a program with my sons I witness something new -either from the facilitator or another parent- and I try to read up on it during spare moments.

One question I've been wondering about lately is "What is Candlemas?"

Here is a link to another blog that gives a great explanation of Candlemas.  The blog, called The Parenting Passageway, looks like a great resource of information also.

As I read this I was struck how many different cultures have a seasonal celebration around this time of year, and the many different ways families make this a special day.  I think a candlelit honey-pancake dinner sounds good!

Take Care,