Our Philosophy

Greenwood Tree provides a dynamic, rhythmic, and holistic learning environment in which children and adults are guided in their exploration by the framework of gentle daily rhythms, and the awareness of the inherent cycles of  nature.  The arts, humanities, and sciences are interwoven with one another to inspire a passion for life-long learning, and to encourage the discovery of joy in and through all of the senses. We respect and encourage physical, mental and spiritual balance by bringing together kinesthetic, academic, and artistic activities.  The children are surrounded by the moral qualities of truth, beauty and goodness, in the way the classroom and school is built and cared for, in the actions of the adults around them, and in the content of the lessons.

As a cooperative we are inspired by the Waldorf philosophy of education and are committed to its study; we also feel free to engage complimentary perspectives. Teachers and staff will have training in Waldorf education.  The classrooms, activities, and lessons will not be mediated, but will be given and received personally--electronic media such as television, computers, and tape-recorders are not used in the classroom.

Practical activity is seen as an essential part of learning. Children are always, if possible, allowed to experience material first, then create their own artistic impressions of it, and then discuss or otherwise intellectually grasp the subject.  Our aim is to assist in the development of free-thinking, socially and environmentally responsible, high-integrity individuals who can navigate any field they come across and still maintain the outlook that the world is an interesting and good place to live in. The goal of our Waldorf-inspired education is to enable students as fully as possible to choose and, in freedom, to realize their individual path through life as adults.