Family Volunteer Schedule

If you are unable to fulfill your day, you must find your own replacement. Much goes on behind the scenes and these jobs are very important. Please use the phone list given out at orientation to find a replacement. Thank you.

Here is a list of what days people have signed up for. For those of you not at class last week your name has been assigned to left over spots. Please email MaryAnn with any questions or concerns.

Sapling sign up
Jan 20 Carrie  
Jan 27 Jamie
Feb 3 MaryAnn
Feb 10 Jenn
Feb 17  Carrie
Feb 24 Lisa
March 2 Lisa
March 9 Nancylee
March 16 Heidi
March 23 Jenn
March 30 Amy

Seedling 2 sign up
Jan 20 Dana
Jan 27 Britt
Feb 3 Tami
Feb 10 Tami
Feb 17 Jenn
Feb 24 Britt
March 2 Jenn
March 9 Pauli
March 16 Sarah
March 23  Lisa
March 30 Lisa

Set up before class: Before 8:30 am on Thursday or Wed eve after 7:00
Jan 19  Dana
Jan 26 Laurel,
Feb 2 MaryAnn
Feb 9  Jamie
Feb 16 Amy
Feb 23 Shanna
March 1 Tami
March 8 Britt
March 15 Shelley
March 22 Pauli
March 29 Lisa Z

Take down of school after 4:00 on Fridays
Jan 20 Maria
Jan 27 Sophie
Feb 3 Jenn
Feb 10 Sarah
Feb 17 Carrie
Feb 24 Lisa L
March 2 Kelly
March 9 MaryAnn
March 16 Heidi
March23 Kristian
March 30 Nancylee

Please also check the job you signed up for if you have forgotten. The
bulletin board will remain up for the season.

Thank you again for your support