Friday, April 8, 2011

One of our new families shares...

Last Friday, April 1, was our first day at Greenwood Tree. Natalie (5.5) is in the Seedlings Group and Laurel (1.5) is in the Root Children Group. The girls and I both enjoyed our Friday experience - from the songs and stories to the baking, crafting and playtime in the rain. But it wasn't just the things we were doing, it was who we were doing them with: each other, other families seeking to nurture their children, loving adults and friendly children - a community.
Several days later, at dinner, as I sat at the table holding Laurel I was feeling thankful for being able to hold my warm, nourished child and for being relaxed and in a peaceful place. With that in mind, I asked Natalie if she knew what gratitude was, what it meant to be thankful. "Oh yes, Mama," she quickly replied. "I am thankful for Greenwood Tree, because it's a place that we can go and still be together but do all sorts of fun things with other people!" Oh yes, me too, Natalie, me too.