Finances/Tuition for Autumn Season 2011

Family Registration Fee: $50             
Per Child Cooperative Dues: $9.50  per child           
Per Child Insurance Coverage: $7.00 per child       
Attending Adult Insurance Coverage (one per family): $7              

Estimated Season Tuition                    
Sapling 2 (7 to 14):$380               
Sapling 1 (7 to 14): $260 *              
Seedling 2 (4 to 7): $330              
Seedling 1 (3 to 7):  $225 *            
Root Children (18 mos to 3): $135    

* If your Sapling 1 or Seedling 1 child will be attending Spanish Enrichment on Wednesdays please add $60 to the cost of tuition.           

Sibling Discounts
At this time Greenwood Tree Cooperative will offer a sibling discount of 20% off the tuition cost of each additional child enrolled from the same family.  Full tuition will be paid for the eldest child attending.  

Payment & Refund Policy
In the event that a family must withdraw their child mid-season, a partial refund may be offered.  This decision will be made by the board with input from the teacher in order to make sure we can continue to cover the cost of the program by replacing the vacated spot.  The board will also consider the impact of having a new child begin mid-season.  The family will be notified within 2 weeks of their child's last day in the program regarding any refund we are able to offer.

Transfer of Payments
Deposits and other tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to subsequent sessions. However, we will refund 50% of a deposit if and only if the spot is filled by another student before the start of the first class.

Billing of Unfulfilled Volunteer Hours
As a cooperative school we are dependent on all families to volunteer at least 3 hours each season.  Families that do not fulfill the minimum hours will be billed at a rate of $10 for each hour.