Friday, March 11, 2011

spring love

I picked up my oldest son today from GWT.  He was flushed with a day of friends and activity.  I could smell the light scent of sweat in his hair as I snuggled him welcome.  As we settled in the van, little brother asleep in the back- worn out from a morning of songs and baking with the seedling group, Seren said in a contented voice, "I love greenwood tree."

Me too, I thought as my throat constricted a bit.  I'm easily moved to tears these days- especially when this blessed feeling lands on my shoulders, lightening my burden, clearing my eyes.  I have sought a community for my children, our family since the July day Seren was born almost nine years back.  What a joy-filled relief to know that for a few hours each week my children are held in a community that accepts them, encourages them, loves them.

And that they love this community back with equal sincerity- another blessing!

As King Winter's reign melts away we are looking forward toward Spring Season at Greenwood Tree.  This season will begin with April and end with May- a bit shorter than winter season as the board feels the strong need to focus on the infrastructure and fundraising during the summer months.

We are now accepting enrollment and tuition deposits for continuing families.  Open enrollment for both groups- the seedlings and saplings- begins on Friday, March 18th.  As we count the interested families it seems that the seedling group may be busting at the seams which is delightful and challenging.  The love is growing!  The board will be discussing solutions so that we can include as many families as possible.  In the mean time, please express your intention and ideas freely.  We can be easily reached through email at

Spring blessings to you and your families!