Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dragons, candles and heart cookies

I have the 60 second intro to Greenwood Tree down.  I recite it to folks in the Co-op, the park, where ever.  I have been known to approach families I do not know simply because they have "that look" and ask them if they know about us.  I can give them the gist of us pretty quickly.

What I can't describe, though, is the sense of magic that my two sons experience each Friday.  I probably could tell them the details about how my oldest made a paper dragon to honor the Chinese New Year (welcome year of the metal rabbit!) and brought it home.  But, like most magic, it needs to be experienced hands-on to truly know it.

There are small moments in our life as parents where we are awestruck with the beauty of our children, the innocence of their mind, the courage of their spirit.  These fuel us through the days when there is too much laundry and not enough quiet spaces between the chaos. 

For me, Greenwood Tree has made more of those magical moments happen for my children- with me watching.  When my two year-old made beeswax candles for the first time- his chubby fist gripping the bamboo twig and his eyes intent on the sinking candle- with the smell of honey and wax all around us- it was a gift. 

Yes, I know I could, in theory, create these moments at home.  But honestly- I don't always seem to get to baking fresh bread or felting wool.  Each Friday I bring my boys to this blooming community and they get to the baking fresh bread and felting wool along with some great kids.  I didn't have to do the planning or the shopping.  I do get to sit beside them and help or just take in how they focus on pushing a needle in and out of a brown groundhog puppet, how they hand a heart cookie to their grandma with pride because they helped to make it.

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