Saturday, May 28, 2011

and the singing

another thought on last day at padilla bay.

the interpretive center was  packed with end of the year field trips.  at one point a chaperon from another school poked her head into the small classroom area where children worked on drawing and playing with puppets to holler, and i mean holler, for a child engaged in an activity to the point that the world outside of her head was dulled and slightly forgotten.

which is a good thing, right?

the woman growled the girls name.  it's the impatient tone of an adult on a schedule.  i've growled like that before.

when it was time to gather up the greenwood tree kiddos a few of the adults decided to do so by singing the "follow me" song.  as our voice lifted up, so did the heads of the adults and children looking at star fish and listening to eagle calls.

it was a beautiful sight.  a beautiful sound.  and another reminder for me that there is always time to add some more beauty into this world.

i want to sing more.  growl less.  i appreciate being around other folks who inspire me to do just that.

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