Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seedlings ~ Fall 2011 Activites

Seedlings 1 ~ a recap from gwt parent Shanna Hawes

"Fall season at the Greenwood tree is almost over. It's been a baking, crafting, story-filled fun couple of months. We've enjoyed making (and eating!) dragon bread and pumpkin wagons, collecting veggies for stone soup at Hedlin's Family Farm, crafting Martinmas lanterns after learning of the kindness behind them, and counting apples as they fall from our pretend tree. The children have warmed up beautifully to the sweet presence of our new teacher and we've gotten into the swing of the school season after what felt like such a short summer. We're looking forward to more playing our way into knowledge and skills this winter season. Joy, Peace, and Happy Holidays to everyone! With Love from all of us in the Seedlings 1 group." ~ Shanna Hawes, Parent

Seedlings 2

The Seedlings 2 have been busy baking, making lanterns, sewing medicine bags, picking up more and more Spanish vocabulary and learning some new seasonal songs & verses. Here is a list of Spanish words from Shelley to learn around the Dia de los Muertos holiday: [A common practice during Day of the Dead is to honor someone who has passed on in your life. There is an altar that the family creates and keeps in their home and sometimes in the cemetery. The following items can be found on the altar:]

papel picado – cut-outs on tissue paper
velas - candles
agua - water
bebida favorita - favorite drink
comida favorita - favorite food
pasatiempos - hobbies
jabón - soap
foto - picture
pan de muerto - day of the dead bread
cempazuchil - marigolds
incienso - sage, copal incense, etc.
calacas - skeletons

The Cobbler
There once was a cobbler who lived by himself,
But he had a helper and she was an elf.
And all day long, they’d sing this song,
Making magic shoes to fit everyone.
Rip, rap. Tip, tap. Tick-a-tack-a-too.
Scarlet leather we sew together,
And this shall make a shoe.
Left, right, pull tight.
In summer days are warm.
Autumn days and Winter,
We’re laughing at the storm.

Number Verse
ONE is the sun who shines above,
TWO is the prince when he finds his love,
The king, the queen, and their child are THREE,
FOUR are the winds that blow at me,
FIVE am I with my limbs and head,
SIX is the honeycomb sweentening my bread,
SEVEN are the planets that cross the sky,
EIGHT are the hours asleep I lie.

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