Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teacher Holly Shares

A few highlights from our past couple of weeks....

What a perfect harvest moon graced our festival. The bonfire and archery, the obstacle course and pot luck with the zucchini (and carrot) bread were amazingly organized. I love how the simple tools of the cider press and grain grinders reflected the week we had when got "saucy" using the apple peeler/corer that clamped to the table and giving the children a chance to crank. How festive everyone looked with their hair wreaths making corn husk dolls. Such a wonderful event and one that illustrates the open heart of this community so rich with tradition.   

The felted apples turned out nicely and were a satisfying project. With help from MaryAnn we wet felted (it's all about agitation!) and dyed the apples, and sewed on the stems and leaves The dragon bread was delicious and artistic. Laurel shared a dragon tale that I passed along to other classes as we ate our bread.  

We celebrated our 3rd birthday; Esther in Root Children, so now we have had a birthday in each age range. We look forward to celebrating Rue's birthday this week and this will mean that every class will have experienced a birthday story with more to come in the future of course.   

Last week we moved into October and this brings more to celebrate as the autumn themes of falling leaves, Halloween and Day of the Dead lend plenty of rich artistic material to draw from. We have done a creative dramatic story about the old farmer woman who asks the children to make scarecrows. It is very amusing (and hard to keep a straight face) seeing how the children act out their parts as scarecrows who come to life under a magical mischievous full moon. 

We have also acted out a less involved story of the journey of the falling leaf. 

The Seedlings were the first to hear the story from Mexico of Mariposa. This story is of the Monarch butterfly which ties in with the Day of the Dead. Puppets will be added for the retelling.

Last week this group also painted a patterned butterfly; an exercise in symmetry. The Seedlings and Sprouts painted wet on wet watercolor; a study in blue. Pumpkins, skulls and more are yet to come as we transition into the autumn with new finger plays and songs. 

The help and inspiration from our parents makes this school a lively and nurturing learning environment The contributions of songs, the helping hands in art, and the bread bakers... There is assistance in so many ways that I sometimes can't remember who did what or suggested a great idea or handed me a song. Please know that every work day here is made easier by the cheerful demeanor of so many parents who are so supportive and I appreciate the many kindnesses.     

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  1. Every season has become exciting since becoming a part of the GWT community. What a great share, thank you Teacher Holly
    Kristian Booker